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Moss Agate Pendulum – 2


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Moss Agate has a grounding and a stabilising effect. It releases anxiety and stress. Moss agate is an optimistic crystal and works well against depression and ensures that you will regain the strength and belief in yourself. perfect crystal for new beginnings. It attracts wealth and abundance and promotes happiness and forgiveness. It also aids in emotional healing.

Pendulum Instructions :

Hold your pendulum at the end of it’s chain and ask it a simple question to which is my “YES”, the pendulum will move, perhaps in a clockwise or anticlockwise circle, back and forwards or side to side. This is your YES response. Then ask your pendulum which is my “NO” and it will then exhibit a different movement like explained previously.

Feel free to name your pendulum to, I have found it gives you and the pendulum more of a connection.